Welcome to The Micro data Library of South Sudan.

This is a service provided by the South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) to the data user community. By clicking the Data Catalog link to the left of this page, you will be able to browse and search our catalog of surveys. Included in the Data Catalog are links to:

  1. Survey Overviews

  2. Survey specific web sites

  3. PDF reports providing detailed metadata of the surveys.

  4. Data Access policies

  5. Data request form

This catalog provides you with the facility to search at the variable level by entering a key word as it may appear in the variable and a list of variables containing the word will be provided across all surveys.


The National Bureau of Statistics gratefully acknowledges the contribution of:

  1. All data producers who provided datasets to the Micro data Library.

  2. The International Household Survey Network, for providing the tools and guidelines used to establish the Micro data Library.

  3. The National Strategy for Development of Statistics (NSDS) project from the World Bank for providing technical and financial support for its establishment

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